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Artificial Grass Types: How Many Different Ones Are Out There In The UK

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When people that contemplate on buying artificial grass almost always assume it will be confusing but what are the many different artificial grass types? In past times, synthetic grass has a really fake looking texture and felt no where close to the soft and lush yarns that you get these days.

In recent years manufacturers have stepped up their game and created some really beautiful and realistic products with vast variety of grass textures, stitching and backing types that look even more natural. As much realistic as synthetic turf look most people perceive it looks fake and some assume it is quite expensive as well. There are premium brands with very good quality ingredients that can last for over 25 years and budget ones that may last for a few years.

Artificial Grass Types: The Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons with everything and in the some still have the notion that fake lawn can make your garden look cheap, and in turn have given it a bad reputation. The name that are commonly used for this product is fake turf, synthetic lawn, imitation grass, replica grass or turf, astro turf and the most popular one which is artificial grass.

The old type of Astroturf had a glossy sheen and a plastic look and others came to the conclusion that the market stalls used it for green groceries sale display. Most synthetic grass or imitation grass as some still call it, is still made from polypropylene and polyethylene and the occasional latex backing. The yarns are tufted into the backing, which is usually black in colour and interwoven with mostly four different tones of green colours but sometimes a bit of brown or beige colours are mixed in to create an even more natural look, creating that thatch look and to make it look more alive.

Pile Height: Does is Affect The Artificial Grass Types?

Pile height is a major factor when choosing synthetic lawn and as you go through your samples you will realise that the longer pile look more realistic and lush that the shorter pile. Density also plays a massive part as it allows the whole grass and its yarns to stand up nicely whether it be a contemporary, modern or mature garden.

The Yarn Structure Shape of Artificial Grass Lawn: An Important Part

The yarn structure or shape is probably the most practical and most important part but this is ignored and not much attention is paid to it, The common shapes are W, I, V, C and U which helps the bounce of the whole lawn.

Artificial Grass can be a very good investment and would help make your life much easier if you find it difficult to keep up with your garden maintenance.Whether it being a premium brand or budget, installing fake lawns has more advantages!


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