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I am an artificial grass blogger and write about synthetic turf for residential landscaping, golf putting greens, bowling greens, MUGA, tennis courts, Astroturf, football pitches, dog friendly synthetic turf, 3G and 4G sports pitches, hybrid grass, soft surfaces for schools and educational purposes.

What An Artificial Grass Blogger Knows About This Product

Since the use of artificial grass at the Astrodome in the 1960’s it has become very popular over the years. The quality have improved dramatically and in recent years most household find it useful for their children and pets to play on due to its versatility and practicality. Schools are using fake grass more and more to create play areas for the pupils, golf lovers are installing them in the back gardens for putting practising and sports brands hire artificial grass for events, promotions, exhibitions. TV production companies find it convenient to rent fake grass for film sets and also use it in film studios when the weather outside is not great.

There are so many uses for artificial grass products and as an artificial grass blogger I will inAbout Artificial Grass Blogform visitors or readers on the pros and cons of fake grass. With a lot of research and experience working in the synthetic turf industry, we have the ability to explain how the product works, how it is made and offer tutorials and videos on how to install it yourselves.

We also will allow professionals and experts in the industry to share videos, images and advice on the uses of artificial grass and will also offer free off-cuts to our readers who subscribe. To subscribe all you will need to do is fill in your name, email address and phone number and you will get the chance to win free artificial grass for yourself.

We hope you enjoy our blog but should you require any advice then you can send us an email to and we shall endeavour to get back to you within 72 hours. Have fun reading the Artificial Grass Blog!